Are Valved Face Masks Better? A Hard Look at the Facts Are Valved Face Masks Better? A Hard Look at the Facts We look at the difference between Valved face Masks and Non Valved Face Masks
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Are Valved Face Masks Better? A Hard Look at the Facts

Are Valved Face Masks Better? A Hard Look at the Facts

With the Coronavirus being in the headlines worldwide, the demand for face masks has reached an all-time high. The Covid-19 disease has been declared as a global pandemic by WHO and the only way to protect yourself is to maintain social distancing and personal hygiene.

But itís not possible for us to sit at home all the time. We all have to occasionally head out for basic supplies. When we do, we see people wearing all kinds of face masks, with surgical masks being the most common.

Then there are masks that come with respirators or valves. Now you might be wondering, how are they different from regular masks? What benefits do these face masks offer? In todayís article, weíll debunk the myths with hard facts about the valved and unvalved face masks.

What Do Face Masks Do?

Before we jump into the details about valved and unvalved masks, itís important to understand the purpose of a mask. Dust masks are put on to protect you from harmful dust. Similarly, Surgical Masks are used by doctors to protect them again biohazards like viruses and bacteria.

Now, wearing a mask for too long is uncomfortable. If you wear glasses, you should know the struggle. Thatís exactly where the valves come in.

Does Valved Face Masks offer better protection?

Itís a common myth that valved masks have better protection against the Coronavirus or any other health hazard for that matter. But itís not true. The valve is there to control the inflow and outflow of the air.

When we wear an unvalved mask, our breathing gets restricted. Generally, we exhale faster than we inhale. In the beginning, the dust masks or Surgical Masks feel alright. But as time progresses, it becomes harder to breathe.

A valved mask, on the other hand, allows the air to flow in a controlled manner. You wonít feel the suffocation commonly associated with unvalved masks. Itís the same whether weíre talking about face masks or dust masks. You should always buy face masks that come with a valve.

Youíll know when you see a valved mask. There is a plastic section attached to the mask with a clear path to the nose. Itís designed to help the air escape freely once you exhale. As a result, the temperature inside the face mask will remain constant and there will be no vapor build up over time.

Surgical Masks are a good choice as well to help protect employees, yourself and your family in these trying times. You can buy face masks of this type very cheap and they work flawlessly for a hours. These masks can also work as dust masks when you go outdoors.

Can Face Masks Provide Protection?

If youíre concerned about safety, you have to look at the FFP rating rather than the valves on the mask. There are three FFP ratings, FFP1, FFP2 N95 KN95, and FFP3 N99. FFP1 provides the least protection while FFP3 being the highest.

FFP2 Face Masks are great for protection against the Coronavirus, which is the equivalent of N95 masks in the US. You can buy face masks from here to protect yourself and your family.

Article Posted: 01/05/2020 10:22:02

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